Garage Storage Rack Overhead
Use that Valuable Space

The garage walls, ceiling, and that space above the garage door provide the extra legroom you badly need. You just have to add a garage storage rack overhead and some shelves - to fit your storage needs.

Extra Storage Potential

The garage is always the first choice for storing extra items and the garage floor takes most of the abuse. Shoes, tools, sports gear, old newspaper, and suitcases are dumped on the floor. It becomes a headache to retrieve stuff. Even if these are organized neatly on the floor, the items take up valuable space.

There are the ceiling and the walls and that untapped wall space above the garage door. These are potential space savers that would end your storage woes.

Wasted space is wasted time and money. Instead of expanding your garage to accommodate more storage, use the garage walls and ceiling. With a few customized storage racks and shelves added to the garage, storage space is created - without the cost of hiring carpenters and buying materials for the project. The overhead rack also saves your valued items from flooding.

The garage storage rack overhead is the perfect solution if your garage walls do not have enough room for shelves. If you only have enough space for your car then make use of overhead storage. These sleek storage units are durable and can take on several pounds of stuff you wish to store neatly. Children's memorabilia, sports items and camping gear, suitcases, and large coolers can be stored overhead.

Customized or ready-to-use shelving and garage storage rack overhead additions are easy to install. If you are not sure about your DIY skills, you can hire a carpenter to finish the job professionally at little cost compared to a drastic overhaul of the garage.

What You Should Know

Homeowners prefer to get a ready to use overhead rack for their garage. There are industrial grade steel racks that come in different heights. The overhead racks are also corrosion and rust-resistant. You can store an item weighing up to 500 pounds with racks built for the purpose.

Some of these overhead rack arrangements are operated with a manual pulley system. A pulley system makes it convenient to store and retrieve stuff. Using a pulley is great for those who don't care for ladders.

Before installing, check out the age of your garage. It might be disastrous to install overhead storage if the garage is too old. Also double check the strength of the joists. If these are okay, measure the overhead storage area with the car in the garage. Doing so makes sure that there is enough space between the car and the overhead storage rack.

When shopping for your garage storage rack overhead system, have in mind the type of stuff you are going to store. You have the option to choose an overhead rack for lighter or heavier items. Check out the garage overhead racks sold online. Online stores have lower prices for these items.

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