Build a Garage Storage Shelf

Build a garage storage shelf to beat costs. With the right materials and tools and a simple design you can do the job perfectly.


A storage shelf in your garage is cheaper than sophisticated powder-dusted steel, aluminum, and full-wood closets. It also works just as fine as a storage space and won't take up too much space if you choose a roomier storage area and measure the spot accurately.

You can make an L-shaped shelf for a corner or a basic wall shelf. For the shelf material you will need 2x4 strips and 3/4" plywood for the shelves. To put them together, you will need the following tools: nails and screws, electric screwdriver, saw, drill, tape measure, and a level.

Before you build a garage storage shelf, paint the floor and the wall area. The floor area should go well with the wall color or the color of your shelf for a neat look. When the area is dry proceed with the task. Cut the boards to desired lengths, prepare the base or the frame of the shelf. The wood strips will form the corners of the shelves and will bear the weight of the boards.

The Base

Work on the shelf begins with the base. The base must be level and secure to hold up the completed storage shelf. The base's width and length will depend on the storage size you want and the floor space available. The thickness of the wood strips should be appropriate for a three feet span. Longer spans will need thicker strips. The base should be screwed together securely with deck screws. Once you have assembled the base frame, check for uniformity or evenness on all sides.

Wall Attachment

To attach to a cement wall, drill into the cement. For secure attachment, use sturdy anchors. The frame of the shelf is securely attached to the wall if multiple areas are screwed to the wall. If you want floor to ceiling shelving, the frame structure has to reach the ceilings height and must be attached with screws.

The Shelving Support

Horizontal 2x4s are attached to the base and along the areas where you want to place each shelf. Heavy duty bolts will secure the attachment of boards. The horizontal 2x4 strips will extend the width of the frame giving more room for storage.

The Shelves

A thick piece of plywood (3/4") is placed on each horizontal 2x4. Place a railing along the front sides to prevent items from falling off. As you build a garage storage shelf you can already plan where to put heavy stuff, longer and smaller bits and pieces. When done, paint the shelf with the same color as the base and the top for a smooth finish to the garage.

There's no hurry to build a garage storage shelf. Plan the project carefully and have all the materials and tools ready.

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