Garage Storage Shelving
Is it Important?

There are different types of garage storage shelving that can be considered for your needs. Wire shelving is perfect for larger, heavier items because of their durability and longevity. Adjustable shelves are usually made out of metal and are great when used with a pegboard backing because you can reduce or expand the amount of linear space you need.

Could you imagine your kitchen without cabinets or your bedroom without a closet and dresser? Yet, when it comes to the garage, we line up the walls with equipment and tools and leave cleaning solutions, engine oil and rags scattered around. If any room in your home needs organization, it's the garage.

Preparing a proper space for your storage area is important. You need to decide how large of a space can be allowed for installing shelves, cabinets and perhaps a bench without jeopardizing the space needed for your vehicles. Shelves are great because they can be stacked or spread out without being too deep.

If you are unsure how your area is going to work out, garage storage shelving can be found in the form of portable cabinets that can hide your unsightly items and be easily moved if you would like to see how it works in another space. You can also place a lock on the outside to keep little ones from getting into paint and antifreeze that contain toxic chemicals.

DIYers can build and install permanent shelving structures using lumber that become part of the house, giving a unique quality and can raise the home's value. Depending on the size of your garage, this can be located along the front, side or even in a corner that gives you plenty of room for vehicles and room to maneuver around.

It's a good idea to blueprint your structure against the total dimensions of the garage to see how your new area looks on paper before getting out the saw and hammer.

Using 2-by-4 lumber and Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is the easiest and cheapest way to create a frame and shelves for your garage storage shelving. Get as creative as you like, forming a frame as wide or as high as you like out of 2 by 4 lumber. Build 2 half-ladders on the ends a depth that will not jut out too far and secure.

The OSB board can be cut to your desired length and width. If this method is a little too permanent for your needs, build a workbench instead, lining the back and sides with pegboard to accommodate your OSB shelving that can be movable by using brackets.

Play with your ideas for your new area and make it just the way you want it. With all of the materials on the market today you have many options. Hunting for a hammer or screwdriver can make your mood sour before a job even starts. Having garage storage shelving will make items so much easier to locate and create a feeling of content when you walk into your newly designed garage to get ready for a chore.


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