Garage Storage Solutions
Organizing Your Garage Space

Garage storage solutions can make your garage a cleaner and more organized environment for you to work in. The garage can sometimes be a messy and confusing space. Wrenches, pliers, spare tires and even engines can easily be misplaced if they are not properly organized.

Stationary Cabinets

Cabinets are the easiest and most obvious of the garage storage solutions available. These bulky containers have multiple areas that can store an impressive amount of stuff in them.

A drawer could be dedicated to housing nails and screws, while another could hold the hammers and screwdrivers. Their bulk also gives them the advantage of being strong and sturdy, allowing them to hold many heavy items with ease.

Just make sure to consider the material of the cabinet, as they may not interact well with certain substances. Untreated aluminum and plastics are particularly vulnerable to corrosive acids and oil-based products. Make sure that the material of the cabinet can hold its contents.

Wall Shelves

If pulling around drawers and opening up cabinets is too much of a hassle for your common tools, then wall shelves are the next best solution for you.

Garage shelves are another basic solution to the storage problem of a garage owner. They are simple slabs of metal, wood or plastic designed to hold up any items placed on them.

You can then quickly nab anything in the blink of an eye when you need them. Make sure, however, that you take good care in balancing the weight on the shelves, as they will collapse if the weight placed upon the wall shelves exceeds the maximum capacity of the supports.

Mobile Cabinets

When you want your garage storage solutions to be flexible and moveable, then you may want to consider getting cabinets with wheels instead of stationary cabinets.

These cabinets can easily be pushed around if you need a wider workspace, and they can even be used as makeshift workbenches if their surfaces are flat and unused. You can even get some of the bigger wheeled models if you want your mobile storage space to carry a lot of items.

Just make sure to take the cabinet’s balance into consideration, as it may tip over if you carelessly apply force in pushing the cabinet.


Pegboards are a variant of wall shelves, as they are designed to hold up tools hung on pegs.

Pegboards are unique as they easily and conveniently provide a space to hang your most commonly used small tools. Hammers, screwdrivers, pliers and drills can be hung on the pegs, allowing easy access whenever you need them.

You will not be likely to lose a tool as they will always be stored in plain sight.

Overhead Shelves

When your garage is filled up on all sides, then the only direction left for you is to go up.

Overhead shelves are like platforms that are held in place by supports attached to the ceiling. You can raise or lower these platforms at will, allowing you to store less-frequently needed parts and accessories.

Just be careful with these garage storage solutions, though, as you risk serious injury if the supports are not firmly attached to the ceiling or walls.

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