The Need for
Garage Storage Space

Why the need for garage storage space? The garage is probably one of the most important, yet most disorganized places around your home.

Not only does it give your vehicle a safe haven but is it usually a catch all for numerous items that take up too much room in other parts of the house, or just don't belong anywhere else. Some examples are canoes, Winter or Summer sports equipment, as well as tools for the yard or garden.

UltiMate Garage Storage System

It usually isn't until there is no more space to put your car or your wife or partner starts to really complain, or you are just totally fed up that you consider cleaning and straightening out this area. Luckily for you, there are a multitude of different ideas for your garage storage space  at your disposal, both from local outlets such as your local home improvement outlet, mass marketing retailer, or even online.

The real place to get started is by just jumping in and doing it, even if it takes a few days, or week ends to get accomplished. You should start with four different piles, one is the garbage pile, the next is the sell or get rid of pile, then there is the not sure about pile, and finally the must keep pile. Once you have these sections set up, you can then start organizing your garage storage space.

The garbage pile is of course the easiest, most of the time. Anything that is broken, or damaged beyond repair can get thrown away. The garage sale area is also somewhat easy, it's the not sure about pile, and the definitely keep pile that takes the longest.

When considering an item, think of three things, do you need it, are you going to use it, and do you really want it.

There are going to be things you will definitely want to keep, like your lawn mower, power tools and such, but if you are sure about something, and it hasn't been used for a long period of time, then maybe it's time to get rid of it. If you aren't sure still, then put it in the not sure pile, set these items aside for a certain period of time, and if they still are not used, then get rid of them.

The next thing is looking for the right garage storage space solutions. There are so many different kinds of garage organizing products out there it can be overwhelming. The nice thing though is that you aren't limited to just one product or solution.

For example, you can use one wall area and devote it to wall mounted hooks, and bins. There are slotted mounting units, peg boards, etc, and all you have to do is secure these to your wall, and start mounting tools, or whatever else needs to be out of the way. They even have bins that can be fitted into the slots, to keep all of your small items neat and organized. And there are folding benches that when not in use and folded up, keep your power tools hidden and secured away.

There are bin organizers that have standing racks with clear bins so you can see the contents at a glance. These are ideal for larger items, or for things that aren't used very often, like holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, and smaller sports equipment. There are also many different kinds of cabinet and shelf ideas, made from aluminum, wood, or steel, just to name a few. You can have smooth stainless steel that is easy to clean, diamond pattern metal, and just about anything in between.

As you can see, there are many options for your garage storage space.

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