Garage Storage Units
to Keep Safe and Secure

The garage space is usually a messy and cluttered space, but this disorganization belies a hidden danger. Poorly maintained equipment, carelessly installed garage storage units and exposed chemicals can and will pose a threat to anyone entering the garage.

Even the person most intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the garage may find himself in a pickle if a shelf falls loose or some oil drips on the floor.

This makes proper installation and maintenance a priority, so here are a few tips to ensure that your garage will be a much safer place for a person to work in.

Planned and organized

The first step in making your garage a safer place is to plan how it will look in the end. Garage storage units and accessories are essential to organizing the contents of your garage.

Invest in a few sturdy shelves, cabinets, rafters and benches so that you can easily identify where to place your tools.

Avoid "recycling" old containers, as they may not be able to live up to the long-term storage requirements of the heavy, rough and often oily items in a garage.

Maximized and utilized

The next step would be to ensure that every available space is put to good use. The wider the working space is, the less likely a person will trip or knock something over. Avoid crowding one area with items and spread them around starting from the corners.

A U-shaped garage is the most common outline, as it keeps the garage storage units at the side while allowing ample workspace in the middle.

Ultimate Garage Storage System

Your ultimate garage storage system will provide a special place for everything , including step stools and ladders. Plan the location of all shelving, storage racks and cabinets.

Careful and deliberate

Make sure to carefully weigh the strength of storage units to check their capacity. Garage storage units can only hold so much, and exceeding their support capacities will only result in structural failure.

Make sure to carefully balance the load on any shelf or drawer to prevent them from collapsing under the weight. This is especially true for units that hang from the wall or ceiling.

Nice and tight

Speaking of support, ensure that all joints and attachments are tightly secured. Much of the pressure placed on attached shelves and drawers is directed to the attachments and joints.

A single loose joint can result in the entire unit collapsing, so make sure that you install these joints and attachments nice and tightly.

Oiled and greased

Rust corrodes metallic components and prevents them from coming apart. They are placed under heavy and constant pressure, so even the slightest sign of corrosion in the critical components can spell disaster in the garage.

These corroded components, like rusted elbow joints and metal sliders, need to be kept in check. Apply generous amounts of grease and oil to the critical components, and the rust will be kept in check.

And there you have it, five simple safety tips for your garage storage units. Keep them in mind, and your shelves and cabinets will do their jobs without putting you or anyone else at risk!

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