Garage Unit Heaters
Mr. Heater Big Maxx
45,000 BTU and 75,000 BTU

This winter has caused consumers to rethink the way they heat garages and outbuildings. Mr. Heater Big Maxx garage unit heaters are recommended for garages, workshops and other outbuildings. Big Maxx 45,000 BTU can also be used as an outside heater for a more open area, such as a patio or large gazebo.

Mr. Heater Big Maxx 45,000 BTU Natural Gas Garage Unit Heater #MHU45NG

Mr. Heater Big Maxx 45,000 BTU Propane Garage Unit Heater

This Mr. Heater unit has a price range of $500 - $800. Some of the ‘liked' features and comments included its heating ability in a 900 square foot workshop. The kindest thing said about the quietness of running was that it was not as noisy as expected. It was mentioned that a different heater needs to be requested for propane use, and that at least two people be available to lift the heater when installing.

Costumers were very detailed about their dislikes concerning these garage unit heaters, including poor construction, high maintenance costs, and the extreme noise. All customers were complimentary about the service techs they spoke with, and the replacement parts that were always sent when a call was made to the service desk.

Another customer commented on reading the instruction manual about the thermostat, only to find out to operate the heater, a thermostat had to be purchased separately.

The overall attitude of consumers is that a lot of technical skill is needed to do the maintenance on the heater, and it's their recommendation to stay away from this model. Again, the consumers like the company, just not this particular product.

Mr. Heater Big Maxx 75,000 BTU Natural Gas Garage Unit Heater #MHU75NG

This Mr. Heater unit ranges in price from $550 to $880, and can be ordered for natural gas or propane use. The forced air convection heater is suitable when the ceiling height does not accommodate using infrared heaters. CSA certified, this heater provides convection heat for a recommended 1000 to 1100 square foot area. It is not recommended for use in the house. (75,000 BTU Propane Heater #MHU75LP)

Consumers recommended reading the instruction manual. Mr. Heater talks about easy installation to the ceiling with the included angle brackets. Besides needing two strong people to lift these garage unit heaters, there are a lot of other considerations regarding where the heater is to be placed, exhaust preferences and connection of the gas lines.

Those who do not work with installation on a regular basis should consider hiring a professional installer for the Big Maxx larger heaters. Installation of hanging heaters requires two people or a lift system. If you have the expertise, you know that the hardest part is hanging the heater.

A horizontal or vertical venting system is available for the power exhaust. Don't try any shortcuts here. Safety and fire prevention requires correct installation.

A self-diagnostic control module is included with the spark ignition system. Although thermostatically controlled, the thermostat is a separate purchase. The warranty is a limited 3 years for parts, and 10 years for the heat exchanger.

Customers like or suggest that before starting the installation project, read the instructions and have all tools, fasteners and sealers laid out. Before installing the heater, determine where the exhaust vent will be. Overall, users were pleased with the quiet and heating capability. One person used it to heat an 1800 square foot workshop; another, a double garage in North Dakota.

A few customers reported poor quality control, where screws had fallen out and had to be found and reinstalled to prepare these garage unit heaters for installation.

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