Garage Wall Storage Systems
How to Choose the Right One for Your Garage

There are many different types of garage wall storage systems, which can be sometimes a little overwhelming. There are rack systems, sliding hooks, and even bins that mount on brackets, just to name a few.

You have to take your time and think about what kind of storage you need. It is important to not only keep your things neat and tidy so you can find them, but also up and out of the way if you have small children that could get injured.

When it comes to garage wall storage systems, you want to find one that fulfills a variety of different needs at one time. You may need hooks for hanging your lawn and garden tools, as well as your hobby tools. If you have a lot of small items, like nails, screws and fasteners, then you may also need storage compartment bins to keep all of these neat and organized.

One of the best styles of wall systems is the flat wall, tongue and groove system, with multiple rows of grooves. These units mount directly on the wall, over the studs, and gives you a variety of different areas to hang items, or mount storage bins and organizers.

You simply attach the hooks or brackets into the grooves, position them where you want to, and attach the bins to the brackets, or hang up your items on the hooks. This nice thing about these groove systems is that they are able to adjust to whatever your needs are, without having to keep removing the hardware. You simply slide them along the groove to reposition them.

The other nice thing about garage wall storage systems is that you can use just one product, or a combination. There are wall mounted work benches, which fold up against the wall to hide your more dangerous or expensive tools, and some of these even come with a locking mechanism to keep these items secure.

You can install one of these benches in the middle of the wall, have one side for your sliding hooks and organizers, and on the other side have wall mounted open storage bins, keeping everything in one area.

Now before you go and buy the first storage system you see, you need to really shop around first. There are many retail outlets, both locally as well as online, and prices vary greatly according to the retailer, and the type of system you buy. You want to find one that has as much versatility as possible, with plenty of add on accessories so you aren't constantly having to buy a new system every time your needs change.

A few other things that you want to keep in mind about garage wall storage systems are how well these systems are made, and how easy they are to clean and maintain. You have a choice between steel, aluminum and high grade impact resistant plastics, each that has their advantages and disadvantages.

Your metal ones are going to be a bit heavier to hang and install, and won't clean as easily. Your high grade thermoplastics are a bit more expensive, but are just as durable, mold and mildew resistant and water proof, making cleanup simple and easy. They are also available in more styles, colors and designs, to fit into your garage's décor.

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