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General Garage Doors offers garage doors for your home and business. These doors include residential doors, carriage style doors, commercial doors, industrial doors and wind load doors. Depending on the needs of your property, one of these items should be able to provide you with your security needs.

For residential doors, they offer traditional garage doors in a few different styles. This is done with vinyl, steel and aluminum. If you are going for a more classic look, you will benefit from the carriage house doors that this company provides.

Companies looking for commercial and industrial doors will also find that their needs can be met here. From fire resistant doors to ones designed to fit any size, General Garage Doors have designs that will meet the needs of most companies.

In areas that are plagued by strong winds and hurricanes, wind load doors are vital. These doors should be able to hold up to the wind and rain and this company does offer a selection of items that meet the standard requirements.

When you visit the website of General Garage Doors, you will note that the layout is very basic. There isn’t any flashy graphics and the menu on the left size of the screen contains all the information that a consumer will need to browse through.

While the overviews of items are very basic, the frequently asked question section does offer the general consumer enough information that their search for doors can be successful. Additional information being added to the website for the benefit of their customers.

Online communication is offered through a contact form and an online chat feature. The company is only open Monday to Friday during standard office business hours. Additionally, if you are looking to contact the company you can do so by phone or fax.

Phone: (215) 788-9277
Fax: (215) 788-9450

Additionally, you and your contractor will have a chance to e-mail the company for additional information through their e-mail address This does provide enough options that the consumer can collect all the information they need to make an educated decision.

Since 1947, General Garage Doors has been in operation. While their original designs did focus more on wooden solutions, they have since added steel doors to their options in the 1970s and have increased their distribution across the country since the early 1990s. This makes them a possible choice for anyone who may be looking to add a garage door to their home, or solutions for their warehouse or business.

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