Genie Blue Max
Remote Control Replacement


We have a house which was built in 1995. The garage door system was made by Genie Blue Max, and the remote control is missing. We'd like to get a replacement of the remote control. Where can we get the model number, serial number for the garage door? We searched the area under the motor, but we did not see these numbers?


You may have to remove the cover to get to the tag that gives the numbers. But you don't actually need them.

You don't even have to know how many dip-switches the system uses. These are a row of tiny switches on the back of the motor assembly.

If you can not find them, you can still get remotes which are designed to work with both the 9 switch and the 12 switch models.

You will find a listing for all the most popular available remotes at Genie Blue Max remote controls

There are two of the Genie Blue Max remote controls 9/12 dip-switch models on that page.

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