The Genie Owners Manuals

Click on the links below to get your online Genie Owners Manuals, also referred to as Users Manuals.

Genie has rebuilt their website and all manuals have moved. Go to to look for the owners manual you need.

All of the owners manuals from Genie are listed at I still don't have time yet so just click on this link to find yours.

Typical Table of Contents

  • Safety Information
  • Important Installation Instructions
  • Safety Features
  • Pre-installation Checklist
  • Garage Door Opener Assembly
  • Record Data (for Service)
  • Garage Door Opener Installation
  • Accessories
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Warranty information

If this is your first time installing a garage door opener, the Genie Excelerator Animated Assembly Instructions (below) are a recommended resource, even if this is not the unit you will install.

Genie Chain Glide

Genie Screw Drive

Genie Excelerator

Belt Drive - Promax Stealth, English Version

Wireless Keypad Operating Instructions

Wireless Keypad Programming Instructions

Intellicode Wireless Keypad Programming

  • Digital Wireless Keypad 00001033
  • Resetting your keypad
  • Basic Programming
  • Controlling a Single Door with your Keypad
  • Programming multiple doors with your keypad
  • Controlling multiple doors
  • Adding PIN 2
  • Adding Temporary PIN
  • Canceling the temporary PIN
  • Changing a PIN
  • If you do not find the owners (users) manual you need here, go to the Genie Company Website to request the information you need.

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