Glass Garage Doors Add An Intriguing Look to Your Home

Homeowners like the unique look and style of glass garage doors . They can really spice up the exterior of a home. It can add some contemporary and modern feel to a home. For someone that wants something a little out of the ordinary, glass is the perfect choice for a garage door.

Many people do not give a second thought to their garage door style. They simply find a door that covers up the garage, allows them to open and close it easily and keep the weather out. For others, choosing a garage door is something that takes time because they want to find a door that will compliment their home and add to its overall look. If you are in the last group then you might want to take a look at glass garage doors.

Glass: A Unique Choice

Glass may not be the first material you think of when you think about a garage door. Don't worry. The glass in a glass garage door is not thin, but rather very thick, durable and made to last. A glass garage door can be made of clear glass, glass with etched designs or clouded glass. This type of door is usually designed as a panel door with glass panels separated into a grid pattern, much like a window.

A perk of glass garage doors is that the glass can be made of special materials to help protect from UV rays or draw in the solar energy to help heat the garage. They can also work as a good insulator to keep the garage hot or cool, depending on the season.

They may not be as popular as other garage door choices, but they are slowly gaining in popularity. Homeowners like the unique look and the style they add to their home.

Care of Glass Garage Doors

These doors are not for everyone. They do require quite a bit more care than a typical garage door. You have to do routine cleaning and maintenance to ensure your door stays looking good and is kept in proper working order. If you do not mind the regular care, then you should do fine with a glass garage door.

The first step in care is cleaning the glass and keeping it clean. One of the biggest reasons people choose a glass door is for the look. The glass provides a stunning image from the outside and inside it lets in light and allows a clear view of the outside. In order to allow for the clear views and light, though, the glass must be kept clean.

The garage door will be exposed to dust and dirt from outside and inside. That requires a regular wipe down of the glass panes to keep them sparkling clean. Without proper cleaning, the door can easily get dingy and look worn. Additionally, dirt and dust can scratch the glass. Be sure to only use glass cleaner and soft cloths or a squeegee to clean the glass. Using soaps or rough cloths can scratch and damage the glass. Another note of caution is to watch the water temperature. You need to use warm, but not hot water. Water that is too hot will crack the glass.

To ensure that the door is in proper working order and functions correctly you need to inspect it often for damage or problems. You should do an inspection twice a year. Look for chips and cracks in the glass. Look for mechanical components that are not working right. Fix any issues right away to prevent them from becoming bigger issues.

If your garage door also includes wood parts, you should stain them or paint them once a year. This will help to keep them looking good and ensure they do not get worn out too soon. You should also not forget to check wood for damage. A wooden frame for glass is an important part of the structure. If it becomes worn, the glass panel can slip out of place or even fall out and break.

Most have either aluminum or stainless steel framework.

Glass garage doors may be a little more labor intensive to maintain than other types of garage doors, but they are well worth it. If you desire a look that is special and something that will really have curbside appeal then a glass door is the perfect choice.

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