What Is Heavy Lift Garage Storage?

A heavy lift garage storage system means you never have to deal with trying to lift heavy objects over your head again.

Ever get tired of having to climb up and down a ladder to get at your overhead garage storage items? Afraid of getting smacked in the head when you pull items down that are a little bit heavier than normal? Are you sick of having to pull everything out every time you need to get to something that is in the back, up against a wall, only to find it's the wrong thing?

If this sounds like you then you need a heavy lift garage storage system. What is it and why will it help you? Well what this storage system does is use a series of platforms, pulleys and hanging racks to lift just about any object up and out of the way, over head in your garage. You simply mount the brackets to your ceiling studs, attach the cables to the platform, and load it up.

When it's loaded, you just pull the cord, and the pulleys take the strain off of you, and the load is lifted up and out of the way. There are several different locking positions to choose from, so it really doesn't matter what size items you have. Because these platforms aren't enclosed, you can see what is there at a glance, and if you need something, you simply lower the platform down and get it, no hassles at all.

Heavy lift garage storage systems come complete with the rugged steel support beams, vinyl coated steel cables, as well as all the hardware to mount them to your ceiling joists. These systems can raise your storage boxes and other items up to eight feet high, depending on the height of your garage ceiling, and can support weights of 250 pounds each. This is ideal for pretty much anything that you need to have out of the way.

There are many benefits to these systems. You don't have to worry about ladders, and can quickly bring the platform down to the floor. You never have to deal with trying to lift heavy objects over your head, and with the secure locking mechanisms, you have peace of mind that they won't fall on your head or your vehicle.

Because of the pulleys, lifting is easy, and even at full loads, pulling the elevator up and out of the way is a breeze. Another important benefit is that the platforms are large, a whopping 4'x4', and are flat, so even oddly shaped object can be stored out of the way with no problems.

Now the big thing about these heavy lift garage storage systems is that you have to shop around for the best selection and the right price. There are several different websites that are available, offering these systems and more for around $200. Some sites even offer free shipping, depending on how much you spend. Once you see their videos, and all the things you can store, you will want to buy more than one for sure.

So whether you have an abundance of small items that need to get out of the way, or a canoe, or anything in between, these storage systems are a must. It is always important to utilize as much space as possible, especially in the garage, and the ceiling area is almost always overlooked, but has the most usable area.

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