Hormann Garage Door Options

You can purchase a Hormann garage door anywhere in Europe, Asia, or North America. The company was formed in the 1950s with their “berry” garage door, and today it remains a family business with a strong international presence.

Hormann is a European manufacturer of gates, frames, doors, and garage doors for the residential market. They have production plants in Germany, China, Belgium, Poland, and the United States.

While the Hormann garage door remains a premier product from the brand, Hormann is also on the market for side doors, door frames, and a variety of other structures for residential and commercial customers.

Since the company is international, product line-ups can vary depending on where you live. Delivery of specialty products may also be limited, due to most production facilities residing in Germany.

Consumers interested in purchasing garage doors from Hormann should contact company representatives in their own country. The website offers toll free telephone numbers, email, and mailing addresses for facilities in different international regions.

Since different products may be offered in different international regions, you have to see what is available in your local region.

Hormann Garage Door Options in North America

In the United States, you can select from the following types of residential Hormann garage doors:

  • Steel Collection
  • High Density Polyethylene Collection

Steel garage doors are stronger and more durable than wood garage doors, yet many homeowners prefer the look of wood for a residential garage door.

Many of the leading garage door manufacturers are now sticking with steel doors with varying degrees of insulation, so Hormann could have an advantage by also offering the High Density Polyethylene garage door construction.

These doors look much like wooden garage doors, but they are just as strong and durable as a steel garage door.

There are four different options in the residential Steel Collection, and each comes with a different amount of insulation and a different gauge of steel. This allows you to find the ideal Hormann garage door without breaking your budget.

The better steel gauges and higher levels of insulation do make for more durable, higher efficiency doors, but they are also the more expensive door options.

There is currently only one type of High Density Polyethylene garage door being offered in the North American market. Since there are no other design options, it may be more difficult to find this door through local retailers. This will depend on where you live and how heavily this type of door is being marketed in your area.

There are different window styles and decorative options that may be available for any of these garage door types. Consumers typically select the materials that they want for their door, and then determine which exact Hormann model fits their stylistic, economic, and safety needs.

Some will invest in higher priced, heavily insulated doors, while others will stick with basic steel doors without insulation to save money. There is a little something for everyone when it comes to the Hormann brand.

Hormann also offers a few commercial garage doors in the North American Market. These doors are designed for quality and durability, without a lot of design options. The goal is to offer affordable, high quality doors for commercial use, so the focus is not on appearances.

The Pros and Cons of Hormann Garage Doors

If there is an advantage to purchasing a Hormann garage door, it would be that the doors offered are high quality and come in a variety of design options. Most residential consumers in North America will find a door that they like aesthetically without going over their budget. The doors are competitive in terms of design features and materials currently on the market.

The con is that Hormann is an international company with most production facilities currently residing in Germany. This may limit the selection of garage doors available in different international markets. It may also be more difficult to get in contact with company representatives, since you have to find the contact information for offices in your international location. Contacting someone outside of your region may result in inaccurate information for the market in your own country.

Hormann markets itself as a family business, but it is also a multi-million dollar international company. Door availability and prices should be compared with other manufacturers offering garage doors in your local area. Some regions will have a wider selection and better pricing than others, which is common with international companies operating outside of their home country.

Even though Hormann does not focus exclusively on garage doors, they still have a nice selection in the North American market. For instance, they now offer garage door openers which coordinate with their residential garage doors. These modern innovations continue to keep the brand at the top of the market.

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