How Many Remotes for Overhead Door Legacy

by N

How many remote transmitters can be used on an Overhead Door Legacy opener?

Can't get my Genie key fob to work on the 2nd or 3rd buttons. The middle button worked just fine, but want to program another garage door.

Followed all the instructions, but won't work.

Does the second door also have a Legacy opener? If a different brand such as Liftmaster, Craftsman, or Raynor, it probably will not work with your Genie remote.

I believe you can program up to eight remotes. Cannot recall with certainty. If you have gone over the limit, you would have to erase all codes and program each remote and keypad you want to use now.

Instructions are in the manual. Overhead Door Legacy is identical to the Genie Chain Glide, so download that manual at Genie Chain Glide Users Manual

It could be that your remote buttons 2 and 3 simply don't work.

Hope this helps,

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