How To Pick The Right Size
Of Garage Heater

Having a garage heater can help you stay comfortable while working or relaxing. During the cold winter months, everyone wants to stay as warm as possible to avoid becoming uncomfortable as well as sick.

They are also resourceful for keeping you warm enough not to become sick when you use them properly. Knowing how to pick the right size is essential. However, at times it can also be challenging.

Nevertheless, once you take a few measurements to determine the space you need to heat as well as the amount of insulation of the area that will aid in conserving the heat you produce you can find just the right solution.

Ideally, you will be trying to heat a well-insulated space. However, there are times when you desperately need heating although the insulation is lacking. You can determine the area for heating by multiplying the length of the room by the width of the room. Remember to take note of the number of windows you have in your workshop or garage, as they will also make a difference in the size of garage heater you will use.

While searching for resources I found something to share with you that should be of some assistance. While considering how to pick the right size this heater calculator is a valuable resource for helping you to roughly determine the right size heater to use in your workshop or garage.

Since a normal space heater will heat up an insulated space of up to 150 square feet, you will most likely need a larger heater for your workshop or garage. Electric heaters depending upon their size will accommodate the heating spaces between 150 and 560 square feet with wattage that will vary between 1500 and 5600.

Garage heaters that use propane or natural gas may accommodate heating spaces between a one car garage up to a three-car garage or bigger with BTUs between 30,000 and 60,000. The most popular type units are overhead heaters and wall-mounted heaters, which provide you with excellent heating, while not taking up precious floor space. However, there are also great floor standing heaters and portable heaters you can choose to use to stay nice and warm.

While choosing a heater that will suit your requirements for heating your workshop or garage you will need to consider the type of fuel or power you are currently using. You may want to comparison-shop for electric fan-forced heaters or radiant, infrared heaters or even natural gas or propane.

While considering how to pick the right size of heater the size will depend on the insulation. For instance, with little insulation you will need a larger heater to heat the area. On the other hand, if you are heating an area with good insulation you can choose a smaller unit.

In cases where there is little insulation, you may want to consider adding more insulation before picking a heater to use. You will also need to consider venting depending upon the type of garage heater you choose to use. You can install your heater yourself or have a professional do it for you.

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