Ideal Garage Doors Offer a Little Something for Everyone

Ideal garage doors have been on the market since 1963. The company started out offering wooden garage doors, but today they offer steel doors for residential, commercial, and industrial structures.

Ideal is known for meeting all quality standards in the industry when constructing their garage doors, but they have also been active in developing new technology and safety standards for the industry.

From their most economical doors to their top-of-the-line steel carriage house doors, you get a sound, functional and safe product with this company. Ideal sells only the door, so you have to hire someone to install the door or be prepared to do it yourself.

Installation can be complicated, so it is best to have professionals take on the project if you are replacing an existing garage door. Ideal does offer complete instruction manuals with their doors and online if you decide to take the project on yourself.

If you are interested in purchasing Ideal garage doors you can find them at Menards stores, or through dealers selling the doors to private customers. You can search their database of dealers through the Ideal website.

There is also a contact form, toll free phone number, and U.S.-based address for those interested in contacting Ideal representatives directly. Complaints and praise from past customers can go directly to Ideal, but all purchases need to be made through Menards or local dealers.

Selecting Your Ideal Garage Door

Ideal believes in giving you options when it comes to selecting the right Ideal garage doors for your home or business. The first step is to understand the base construction options so you can choose the door that fits your construction best.

The second step is to find a dealer or visit Menards to learn about the different window designs and decorative features offered for the door you have selected. Start with basic structure and then worry about aesthetic components of the door.

Doors are constructed in layers, so you can expect to pay more for every layer added to the door. The doors are constructed from steel, and then layers of insulation, extra steel, and composite overlay can be added. These layers increase the energy efficiency of the doors, so you have a more advanced door that blocks out noise and helps regulate garage temperature.

The most basic and economical residential doors are called the Ideal “Good” doors. They are constructed from a single layer of standard or heavy gauge steel. The commercial equivalent would be the non-insulated steel commercial garage door.

These doors are minimalistic and affordable, but they are also high functioning and completely sound. This is where you shop when you are on a tight budget or you don’t need a higher quality door for your structure.

Better garage doors for residential use add a single layer of insulation, for a two-layer residential garage door. Best garage doors add another layer of steel, so the insulation is sandwiched in the middle.

Carriage house doors are the best doors offered. This is the Best garage door with the addition of a composite overlay. This overlay is considered the fourth layer on the door.

Commercial doors are also designed in layers, with two-layer and three-layer constructions offered beyond the basic non-insulated steel door. Price goes up with each layer added to Ideal garage doors, but quality and the ability to regulate temperature and block out noise also goes up.

You have to find the sweet spot where you stay within your budget without sacrificing the quality and energy efficient qualities you need.

Existing Ideal Garage Doors

If you already have a garage door from Ideal, you can purchase replacement parts and get information about needed repairs from any dealer offering garage doors from the brand. Menards employees may also be of help, depending on the nature of the problem.

It is always best to check with an Ideal dealer before you go to the hassle and expense of replacing an Ideal garage door. Doors are expected to last for many years without wearing down or breaking, but there are some parts that may need replaced along the way.

There are parts of the door that may become damaged during use as well, and most can be restored so your door continues to look brand new.

Some parts that can be replaced include:

You may be able to make these repairs on your own after contacting a dealer to get the required replacement parts and complete instructions. Professionals can also be called in if you don’t feel comfortable repairing your Ideal garage doors independently.

Final Thoughts

What makes Ideal stand out in the garage door industry is their dedication to quality. They serve every customer with a variety of options to ensure budgets are met without sacrificing quality. Just remember that the higher priced doors are the more sound doors, due to their extra layers.

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