Garage Door Opener Installation

You can do a garage door opener installation in an afternoon. New units come with all the hardware, except door re-enforcement if needed. Installation instructions and specifications are included in your user manual.

Chain drive garage door openers are the most common and the least expensive. If noise is a factor, chain drive is the noisiest.

Screw drive openers cost a bit more but have fewer moving parts and are quieter.

The belt drive opener is the quietest and the most expensive of the main three types.

Installation of the Wayne Dalton iDrive is too complicated and dangerous for most Do-It-Yourselfers. The iDrive is more expensive than the others plus the added expense of professional installation. However, the iDrive may be worth the added expense if you need more overhead clearance in your garage.

Before You Begin Installation

Start by reading the garage door opener installation instructions in your owner’s manual. It should list all the details and specifications.

Garage Door Opener Installation Manuals

Check your garage door to make sure it operates smoothly. Oil the bearings and hinges, but not the track. Oiling the track will cause dirt build-up. If roller bearings are worn, replace the rollers. Make sure all fasteners are tight.

Check the Adjustment of Your Garage Door

Pull the door up about a foot, then release door. It should close slowly on its own. Then lift the door halfway open and release. When you release the door, it should stay in this position. Next, open the garage door completely. Pull the door down about a foot. When you release, the door should go back up slowly to the fully open position.

If the garage door needs adjustment, call a professional to make the adjustments. You may be able to adjust tension springs (there is one above each track) yourself if you still have your owners manual. The door should be fully open during adjustment to release tension in the springs.

NEVER try to adjust or service torsion springs. A torsion spring is mounted above the door between the tracks. These are extremely dangerous and should only be serviced by a professional.

Remove all ropes from the door and disable any locks. Lightweight doors will require reinforcement. Either angle iron or 2X4 six feet in length.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Measure garage door opening to locate its center point. Check maximum height of door while opening. Mounting bracket should be located two to three inches higher. Check your manual for specifications.

Assemble the garage door opener rail as instructed in your manual. Once assembled, attach rail to bracket centered above garage door opening.

Use your ladder to support the unit motor while attaching supplied mounting straps to rafters, making sure the motor is centered between door tracks.

Attach supplied bracket to door, then secure to connecting arm.

Wall mounted control switch should be located above the reach of small children. Run wires from switch to motor.

Install infrared sensors 6 inches above floor on each side of door as per your instruction manual. Run wires from sensors to motor. Be sure wires are secured to wall without pinching. Check manual for proper connection.

Motor should be plugged into a GFCI outlet within 3 feet of motor. If you are not familiar with electrical wiring you will need an electrician to install an outlet.

Don’t forget to test the open and close adjustments. Follow instructions in your manual carefully. An improperly adjusted door is dangerous to small children and pets. If you are not certain, have it checked by a professional. Your garage door opener installation is not complete until all adjustments are made to manufacturer specifications.

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