About the Kitty Mac
Garage Door Screen

There are many advantages and features to consider when buying a Kitty Mac garage door screen. They come in many different sizes, and the screens are made from durable but flexible fiberglass.

Fiberglass works the best for garage door screens because it is lightweight, flexible, and much more durable than standard materials like nylon or poly fiber. They stand up to the elements better, as well as wear and tear that may be put on them from children or heavy winds.

The are other conveniences of using a Kitty Mac Garage door screen. They mount on the outside frame of the garage door, so there is no need to roll it up or take it down if you need to close the garage door.

Because they are directly attached to the frame, there is less likely hood of insects getting in and around the screen, part of the problem with screens that are mounted within the door runners, or on the inside of the frame.

They come with a pocket at the bottom, so you can run a heavy PVC pipe through for weight, as well as making it easier to roll up and out of the way. There are convenient straps for securing the screen when rolled up. Both sides have zippers, making entry and exit quick and easy.

           9X7                   16X7                  16X8                  8X7

There are many reasons to purchase a Kitty Mac garage door screen. You can really open up your garage for multiple purposes. For instance, changing it into a protected outdoor eating and serving area.

Opening up your garage will greatly cool it off during the Summer months, so you can enjoy tinkering with your vehicles, doing your favorite hobby, or even entertaining guests. You can do all this while being protected from the sun's harmful rays, and from a variety of different insects, including mosquitoes that carry West Nile Virus. It can also be a cool escape from a hot house, so you don't have to run your air conditioning all day.

The nice part is you really never have to take it down. In the winter, all you have to do is roll it up, wrap it in plastic, and it is conveniently stored until the next year, without taking up valuable space inside your garage. Not only can you find an abundance of different sizes, you can even have them custom made to fit an oddly shaped door, or to use as a screen for a deck or patio, or even an open porch.

Prices for the Kitty Mac garage door screen vary depending on size and retailer. The average range for standard sizes is from just over $100, to over $200. All products are shipped directly from the manufacturer, come with a one year warranty, and can take up to 15 days for delivery.

Some online retailers carry standard sizes on hand, so shipping charges and delivery times may vary. Be sure that you check with each retailer for their return policy, in case it doesn't fit, or became damaged during shipping. With these prices, you can easily afford at least one.

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