Legacy model 496 cd/b

by Ray
(Bartow fl)

Girl friend left and took a clicker (garage door opener) and I miss it. Can I change the signal so she can't come by and open the garage door?

To clear memory so her remote will no longer work:

Press and hold learn code button (on power
head) for 10 seconds or until Indicator LED
goes out.

Then you will have to program your remote since it will no longer work as well.


1. Programming

Locate learn code button and indicator LED
on front of power head (under force adjustment screws)

Press and release learn code button.

Indicator LED will blink at a rate of twice per second.

Within 30 seconds, push remote control button once.

Indicator LED will stop blinking and stay on.

Press remote control button again.

LED will go out. Remote is now programmed.

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