Legacy Model 496cd/b

by Jim Burton
(Shreveport, La)

When I attempt to open the door with the garage wall opener, the light comes on and I hear the motor on the unit trying to open but it doesn't. If I continue to push the wall button for "20 or so times" sometimes it opens...we replaced the button with one bought at Home Depot but it still doesn't work. Any suggestions?

What kind of noise does it make? Your unit may need new gears.

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Jun 24, 2013
Check inner slide part #25605R
by: Anonymous

Same thing happened to my door, though I had just driven in garage and slamming door just missed the rear of my car. A broken off-white nylon/hard plastic piece with two screws had come off of the chain. It had also happened before we bought house and replacement part was probably improperly installed. It is part #25605R - inner slide. Download the manual (available on several sites) for info on proper installation. It has to be installed when the chain/door are at correct position. The part runs anywhere from $7.50 to $10+ and S & H online. A dealer in Tucson charges $28 for the same part if you get it at their store. I have also been told that the circuit board was fried, but I don't think that could be the case since my door does the same thing as yours - press button to operate and light comes on and chain moves, but just doesn't engage. Some people will try to sell you a new opener instead of a $7.50 part. Good luck.

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