Lifetime 8-by-10-Foot Outdoor Storage Shed

by Donald

Lifetime really overdelivers on this shed. Two double doors, two windows, two skylights and two screened vents.

This package includes 1-90 inch shelf, 4 corner shelves and 2 peg strips with hardware.

Manufacturers Stats:
  • Two shatter proof windows that open for increased ventilation, along with two screened vents that provide airflow and keep pests out. Shelving system is customizable and steel reinforced for added strength.

  • High arched, steel-reinforced doors offer a 4' wide x 6' high door opening, lockable doors with internal latching mechanism and full-length steel hinge-pin system

  • High-pitched roof support A-Frame trusses provide 6'8" of head room and the steep roof allows for quick drainage of rain and snow

  • High density polyethylene floor included does not crack, chip or peel. Slip resistant surface with beveled edge and is resistant to oil, solvents and stains

  • Site Selection your shed is recommended to be prepared using a level cement, wood asphalt, gravel or patio style surface. This will provide the best long-term performance for your shed.

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