Liftmaster Jackshaft Garage
Door Opener Model 3800

Chamberlain's Liftmaster Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Model 3800 mounts on the wall so you have no overhead clutter taking up ceiling space.

Specially designed for garages & applications that don't allow for a traditional garage door opener. Especially good if you have a motorhome, need extra headroom, or the garage design simply doesn't allow installation of overhead units.

The Liftmaster Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Model 3800 is for sectional doors only, up to 14 ft. high or 180 sq. ft., 650 lbs. Will handle your larger taller door without the expense of a commercial unit.

LiftMaster 3800 Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

Program additional remotes or a keyless entry from the Smart Control Panelᵀᴹ or the powerhead.

An enclosed gear casing means you never have to lubricate gears as continuous lubrication provides longer life and dependability.

Comes with a 6 foot power cord to make connecting to a power source easier. Add an optional surge protector to protect your unit from power surges caused by things such as nearby lightning strikes.

Also comes with a 200 Watt remote light fixture to light up your garage. Can be adjusted to stay on for 1.5 to 4.5 minutes.

Your Smart Control Panelᵀᴹ displays time, temperature and important system status messages, making it easier to maintain your system. Built in motion detector automatically turns on garage door opener lights when you enter a dark garage - hands free.

Supplied Premium Remote Control automatically lights up as you bring your hand nearby. See which button to press even in the dark.

Push button limit settings/automatic force sensing allows for faster setup. A lot easier than playing with force and limit settings until you get it right.

Meets all UL325 requirements. Basically, this means it is UL approved for residential use.

Ultra-quiet 24V DC motor performance. If you have a bedroom above or near the garage you will really appreciate this feature.

The LiftMaster Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Model 3800 mounts on the left or right side of the door. No rails to hang, it simply mounts on the wall and attaches to the garage door torsion bar.

Patented absolute positioning technology - the newest technology in garage door openers. Liftmaster patented design allows the electronic limits to be extremely accurate, even after a power failure.

Optional accessories:

Liftmaster 475LM Evercharge Battery Back-Up System

Add on the optional EverChargeᵀᴹ Battery Backup system and stop worrying about the inconvenience of power outages. While your neighbors have to get out of the car in the rain or snow you just push the button on your remote and your Liftmaster Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Model 3800 opens your door with the power of your battery backup system.

Works with LiftMaster<span style='font-size: 50%'>® models 2500, 3500 and 3800 garage door openers; Operates the garage door opener as if the power was still on (all safety and security features still operate).

Audible signal sounds when door is moving under battery power.

Bright LED lights let you know when the EverCharge<span style='font-size: 50%'>® is charging, in use, or when the batteries need to be replaced.

Sears Craftsman LiftMaster Chamberlain 315MHz Wireless Keypad 377LM

Access your garage and home without the use of a key or a remote control.

The LiftMaster<span style='font-size: 50%'>® 315Mhz Security+<span style='font-size: 50%'>® Wireless Keyless Entry can open your garage door using a code that you program directly into the unit.

There is also a temporary password option that enables family, friends, or service people to enter the garage/your home without giving them your personal code.

You must have a purple learn button on the motor head under the light cover for the 377lm to work with your unit.

Liftmaster 379LM-10 315MHz Fingerprint Keyless Entry Pad

Recognizes up to ten unique fingerprints

Weather proof slide-up protective cover

Compatible with all LiftMaster, Sears, Craftsman and Chamberlain brand openers operating in 315MHz. with PURPLE learn BUTTON on receiver

No pin numbers to remember with this Liftmaster Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Model 3800 accessory

Liftmaster 975LM Laser Parking Assist

This innovative new accessory is designed to help consumers park in the right spot, every time.

It's easy to install, easy to use and easily priced.

A pulsating beam turns on for 90 seconds when the IR beam is interrupted.

The driver pulls the car in until the red dot from the laser hits a pre-targeted spot on their dash.

Simply connects to the photo-eye (IR) terminals of any LiftMasterTM Garage Door Opener.

Two laser parking accessories may be installed with each garage door opener.

Class 2 laser is safe on the eyes, yet clearly visible.

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Three-Button 315 MHz Mini Remote Control model 370LM/956D

3 button key chain size remote is for NEW 2005 (and later) garage door openers by Liftmaster

Operates at 315mhz with a purple learn button on motor head under light cover

Not compatible with older model garage door openers.

LiftMaster 990LM - Surge Protector

Safely protects the entire garage door opener system, including the AC power line, control panel and The Protector System safety sensors.

Made to withstand most power surges and lightning strikes.

Protect your Liftmaster Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Model 3800 from electrical spikes.

Owners manuals can be found at

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