LiftMaster Model 1345 Garage Door Opener


  • 1/3 HP chain drive
  • Light With Lens Cover
  • Warranty: 2 Years Motor Warranty

LiftMaster 1345 Contractor Series 1/3 HP Chain Drive


  • When my 26 year old LiftMaster failed, I wanted an exact replacement for the home-builder installed unit so that I did not have to replace the rail, chain, etc. This worked perfectly, mounting to the rail exactly as the original unit did!
  • While we were told this item was identical to the item we ordered, which had a 1/2 HP drive, this one fit the bill. There is also only one light, replacing the 1/2 HP unit that had two lights. Still it is adequate.
  • Continues to operate like new. A total Workhorse for our two car garage in Tampa Florida. Installed by our contractor in early 2008 - it runs 4 times a day and has been flawless these last 4 years, When we had a power outage it was SUPER easy to disengage and raise the garage door manually to get out. I can't see a reason to try a different brand. Have not done a smidge of maintenance, except change the bulb once. Super easy to change the access code (you do need a ladder to reach the box).

Accessories Included:

  • Standard Remote Control with Anti-Burglary Technology
  • Illuminated door control button
  • PosiLockᵀᴹ Securely Locks Garage Door When Closed
  • Manual Release in Case of Power Failure
  • The Protector System<span style='font-size: 50%'>® Infrared Photo-Electric Safety Beam

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