Liftmaster Model 3255
Garage Door Opener

The Liftmaster Model 3255 Garage Door Opener comes with a 1/2 HP motor, chain drive, PosiLockᵀᴹ to lock the door when fully closed, infrared photo-electric safety beam, and manual release. This unit is part of the Contractor Series.


  • 1/2 HP
  • chain drive
  • 100 watts of light
  • Manual release in case of power failure

Accessories Included:

  • Remote Control with rolling code technology
  • Deluxe multi-function control panel
  • Equipped with PosiLockᵀᴹ - stops intruders by securely locking the garage door when it is down
  • Includes The Protector System® - infrared photo-electric safety beam reverses door if anything interrupts the beam


  • 4 year motor
  • 1 year parts

Optional Accessories:

  • Outside keylock for when your remote is not handy
  • Motion detecting control panel - turns on lights when anyone enters the garage
  • Outside quick release for garage access during power outage
  • 2 and 3 door wall control to operate multiple doors from one wall control
  • Wireless, keyless entry system
  • 1 button Security+® remote control
  • 3 button Security+® remote control
  • 3 button keyring mini Security+® remote control
  • Garage Door monitor - tells if your garage door is open or closed

Liftmaster Owners Manual: Covers:

  • Installation
  • Adjusting opening and closing force
  • Test safety reversal system
  • Test Protector System<span style='font-size: 50%'>®
  • Battery replacement
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Diagnostic chart codes (LED)
  • Programming
  • Parts lists
  • Parts diagram
  • Motor assembly diagram
  • Optional accessories
  • Warranty

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