Lightbulb Doesn't Work and Door Won't Stay Closed

by km

2 questions re my Python garage door opener:

1) I have put in a fresh bulb but it won't go on. I saw that you earlier said this might be a relay board problem. How do I fix this problem?

2) My garage door wont stay closed. No obstructing objects are seen. If this is a sensor alignment problem, how do I fix it?

1.) Could also be a bad light socket. Do you know how to check electrical relays? If not, have someone that does pull out the control board, remove the relay and check it. To repair a bad one, simply plug in a new one.

2.) Does the door close completely? If it goes all the way to the floor and reverses, adjust the close limit.

Refer to the Genie Chain Glide manual for illustrations and instructions. Overhead Door does not list manuals online but they are made by the same company and are identical.

You will find the manual at

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