Lowes Garage Door Openers

Lowes garage door openers by Overhead Door,
Genie, and Wayne Dalton.

On July 12, 2006, I visited their store in Paducah, KY to find Lowes Garage Door Openers. The following garage door openers were on display:

The Genie Aladdin Garage Door Opener was in stock, but not on display.

Prices for the above ranged from $98.00* to $258.00.*

Lowe's also handles Wayne Dalton Garage Door Openers. There was a poster, but no display. There was a pamphlet illustrating:

Lowe's Also carries a variety of parts and accessories for Overhead Door and Genie garage door openers. Accessories include:

  • Multi-function remote transmitters
  • Multi-function wall console transmitters with motion sensor
  • Wireless, keyless entry systems
  • Laser parking guide

Lowe's did have labor prices posted:

  • Remove and replace your garage door - $264.00* + cost of door
  • Remove and replace your garage door opener - prices no longer posted on my last visit in August 2006

*NOTE: Prices can change without notice, and most likely vary by location. These were the posted prices on July 12, 2006 at the Paducah, KY store. It seems likely labor costs will be higher in larger metropolitan areas. With the volatility of gasoline prices, costs may change frequently.

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