Martin Garage Doors
Committed to You

Martin Garage Doors is a company that is committed to its customers and to quality products. This commitment shines through from the early years to the present. A Martin product is guaranteed to be something that lasts long, functions great and provides you with safety. You simply cannot go wrong when you choose to do business with this company that is committed to you every step of the way.

The Beginning of Something Wonderful

Martin Door Manufacturing was created in 1936 as a family business. The company produces steel sectional garage doors that come in five colors with options of coat coloring in 77 different choices. They also make aluminum carriage house doors. In addition to garage doors, Martin makes garage door openers that are considered to be the quietest on the market.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, it is the only company in the world that is both ISO 9001 Registered and UL-Approved. This company also offers the highest standards in safety and longevity.

The History

Leno Martin invented a one-piece overhead garage door in 1936, which soon led to the replacement of swinging door styles. With this invention Martin was able to start his company. The company was bought by Leno's brother, David O. Martin, in 1951 when Leno started to suffer from health problems. At this time the company takes a new direction, focusing on sectional garage doors.

David began making new innovative products and improvements upon the garage doors throughout the next several decades. Among these new products were Hi-Tensil steel sectional doors and the introduction of life-long galvanized torsion springs.

In 1986 the company went international. By 1990 Martin Garage Doors was selling doors in over 40 countries. Throughout the 90's the company continued to grow and introduce new products and ideas.

By 2000, the company was starting to develop their high quality standards. This included the push for a safer and more durable product. These values are still very important to the company and a part of every garage door manufactured by the company.

Safety and Longevity

Above the innovations and the commitment to quality, Martin has a solid reputation of producing garage doors and garage door products that are safe and long lasting. In fact, the company puts a lot of stake in its reputation for safety and longevity.

Every door comes with standard safety features. These features ensure common safety hazards associated with garage doors are not a danger. These safety features include anti-drop features, free falling door stop and controlled descent device.

A long lasting garage door is a good investment and Martin realizes that. You get a guarantee of peace of mind when you purchase one. Every door features ball bearing rollers that are lifetime sealed, reverse angle shields that are commercial grade, case hardened fasteners, steel hinges, steel roller brackets, 14 or 17 gauge hemmed rolled edge tracks and 100,000 cycle rating on their hardware.

There are never any surprises with Martin garage doors. You know the company will always sell you a product that they proudly stand behind. You know you are getting one of the best products on the market. You know you can trust the product and that you are getting an amazing value. It really is the perfect choice to choose Martin.

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