Missing remote opener

I have a missing remote. Although it may be "misplaced", it is highly likely it that it has been taken.

Anyway, is there a way to disable that missing remote? I have a Legacy opener installed by Overhead door. I do not have an Owner's Manual.

I doubt I will ever "find" the remote. But on the slim chance it "shows up", do I just re-set it like I did the one I do have possession?

What kind of remote control can I buy to replace? I have a single push button for the controller.

Thank you.

Overhead Door owns the Genie Company which makes all Genie and Overhead Door openers. They are the same.

Go to my Genie Remotes page. The first one listed will work just fine with your Legacy opener.

Overhead Doors Codedodger system and Genie Intellicode are exactly the same. In fact, any remote listed on that page as an Intellicode remote will work with your opener. They come with programming instructions.

To disable your lost remote, press and hold the "learn" button on the back of your opener motor assembly for 30 seconds. This will clear all codes.

Now you are ready to program your new remote and any wireless keypads you may have.

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