Modular Garage Storage
What is it?

There are many different kinds of garage storage systems, but the modular garage storage system is probably one of the most popular, and widely available on the market today.

What are these systems? What they do is combine a variety of different styles into one package, which can easily be added to and can fit into just about any type of garage storage configuration.

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For an example, one modular garage storage system utilizes your wall space completely. You have a base unit, which can be a sliding hook system. What this does is cover your wall with floor to ceiling sections that are around four feet wide. These have an abundance of slots that run the whole width of each section, and are at specific intervals going horizontally.

You can buy a single section, or enough sections that will run the whole length of the garage wall. Into these slots can be placed hooks, or cabinets, or storage bins, all that match each other in style. How they stay in place is they slide into the slot by special pieces, and once you have them positioned where you need them, you simply turn the slide pieces into a vertical position and they stay where you put them.

What makes these modular units great is that they don't have to be permanent. If you need a different configuration, you simply turn the piece, pull out the module, and move it to where you need it along the wall.

There are many different accessories for these modular systems, and you can often mix and match the different modular pieces to fit your needs, and add to them as you need more storage capacity.

Another good thing about these storage units is that you really don't need some professional to install them, the base will screw into your existing wall with tools that you have around the house.

There are a lot of different modular garage storage systems that are available at you neighborhood home improvement outlets, but if you want the best selection and price, then going online is a good idea.

There are even product comparison websites available that you can go to if you are not sure which product or brand will best fulfill your needs, and your budget. These sites will tell you about the product, what features each one has, accessories, and some can even provide reviews from real customers who have purchased these products before.

There are some things that these sites don't tell you, which you need to know. One of them is that they don't include shipping costs, which differ on each site. They also don't include information about returns, and other small details. Overall however they do provide enough details that you can get a pretty good idea of which system will work the best for your needs.

Amazon is one of these price comparison websites, but they also offer much more. You can see how much a product is if you buy from Amazon, and some times, depending on the product, you also may be able to pick up the same unit used. This doesn't mean it is second hand, just returned for one reason or another.

Often you can find modular garage storage systems for well below suggested retail prices, and in many cases, if the cost is above $25, you can get it shipped to you for free.

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