Motorcycle Garage Door Opener

With a Motorcycle Garage Door Opener Remote you can stop fumbling around in your pockets for that keychain transmitter and keep both hands on the handlebars.

While keychain transmitters are the least expensive option, a Motorcycle Garage Door Opener Remote is more convenient and you do not have to stop in order to activate your operator.

A few transmitters have been designed especially for bikers:

  • HomeLink
  • SkyLink MT-18
  • Flash2Pass™
  • Motofx

Homelink Motorcycle Control System

The HomeLink® system is a battery powered wireless rolling code transmitter for use on Motorcycles, ATV’s, Golf carts, and Scooters.

It can be programmed to activate up to three radio frequency devices such as garage doors, estate/community gates, entry door locks, security systems and lighting.

  • 58-123401 fits 7/8"-1" Handlebars
  • 58-123403 fits 1 1/8"-1 1/4" Handlebars
  • Weather resistant
  • Mounts easily in less than five minutes
  • HomeLink is compatible with 98% of garage door opening systems available today.
  • Rolling code technology for security
  • Low profile three button console 3"W x 3"D x 1-3/8"H
  • Programming instructions at

SkyLink MT-18 Universal Motorcycle Garage Door Opener Remote and Receiver Kit

SkyLink MT-18 Universal Motorcycle Garage Door Opener Remote and Receiver Kit includes a transmitter with 12 Volt alkaline battery and a motorcycle handlebar mounting bracket, a reciever, and 20-ft 2-conductor red/black pushbutton wire.

  • Skylink Rolling Code Technology. Works with most brands of garage door openers.
  • Provided mounting bracket - fits most motorcycle or bike handlebar. Easy to program.
  • Easy to install, no special tools required. Red LED light indicating the operation.
  • Add as a secondary remote and receiver for your garage and continue using your existing remotes and receiver.
  • Remote transmitter (long-life 12V alkaline battery included). Can learn up to 15 transmitters.
  • Receiver unit operates in 120VAC, 60Hz, 2W. FCC/IC approved. UL listed. One year warranty.
  • Low Cost


"The Flash2Pass™ transmitter is ideal for automobiles, SUVs, trucks and motorcycles that have the “flash to pass” feature. Some older US made cars and trucks do not have the “flash to pass” on their turn signal stalk and must turn on their headlights in order to activate the Flash2Pass™ transmitter. Other vehicles such as snowmobiles, golf carts and riding lawn mowers can be equipped with the Flash2Pass™ transmitter, as long as they have a 12-volt electrical system. "

Flash2Pass™ gets its power from your vehicles battery. This remote uses an encrypted digital signal and rolling code technology for security.

At approximately 2” x 2” x ¾” it can be mounted where not exposed to the elements.

The Flash2Pass™ transmitter and receiver can be purchased as a set that is pre-programmed at the factory, or they are available individually.

The reciever is designed to be "piggybacked" with your indoor pushbotton (wired in parallel) or to replace it completely.

Flash2Pass Garage Door Opener

Garage door/gate opener is activated with a double flash of vehicle's headlight high beam switch.

Perfect for cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors and riding lawn mowers with a 12V electrical system.

Upgrades garage door opener to the latest rolling code technology.

Only takes minutes to install.

Each receiver can handle up to 6 transmitters, so multiple vehicles can open a single door or gate. U.S.A.

No remote required
No batteries required


The Motofx remote is designed for small vehicles using a 12 Volt battery, including motorcycles.

The Motofx will activate your garage door opener when you press the "flash to pass" button or simply by switching your headlight from bright to dim or dim to bright.

This unit is wired into the system and uses your motorcycle battery for power. Requires installation!

The downside with this unit is that it does not provide much security. It uses dip-switch technology, so is a "code-grabbers" dream.

If your current operator uses rolling code technology you will have to purchase the reciever unit as well.

If you are at all concerned about security you would be well advised to choose a transmitter using rolling code technology which changes the code each time it is used.

Motorcycle Garage Door Openers come in a few different configurations as seen above. Which one is best for you?

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