Motorcycle Garage Storage Choices

You don't need to have a large building when it comes to motorcycle garage storage. Even if you already have an existing garage, but need extra space for storing your cycle, ATV, snow machine, or even your lawn tractor or other equipment, there are an abundance of choices out there.


The cheapest and most basic of course is a simple yet durable cover, and these are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. They are completely waterproof, and can be secured around your motorcycle or equipment.

Portable Tent Shed

At a higher level for motorcycle garage storage is the portable tent shed. Just like the full sized models that are made for RV and vehicle storage, there are many smaller sizes for your cycle, or other toys. These come with heavy duty tubular steel frames that can be assembled quickly and easily, and secured directly to the ground or a floor.

They have heavy duty coverings that can withstand a variety of different elements, and even come with fold down, zippered doors. They also have optional accessories like joiners for linking two units of the same size together, as well as interior lighting systems. Many of these models, depending on size, are available for under $200.

Hog Cabin

For the ultimate in motorcycle garage storage solutions is the Hog Cabin Motorcycle Storage solution. This is a completely self contained unit, that is mounted on a skid that can be permanently secured to the ground, or can be used to transport your ride safely to bike rallies or where ever you want to transport it.

These units are made from the same kind of materials that go into regular trailers, and have shock like hydraulic lifters for raising the cover up for complete access to your motorcycle. Best of all, you also have plenty of room for your other equipment, ; helmets, luggage, and there are hangers for your jackets and chaps.

There are two easy grip handles on the front for lifting the whole unit. There is a folding ramp, and when you have your motorcycle inside, it can be folded up and locked in place, providing secure storage no matter where you are. These units are built tough, made from the highest quality materials, and they are heavy, the smallest weighs 250 pounds.

With your bike inside you don't have to worry about someone coming along and stealing it. It can be securely anchored to the ground for added protection, but when you are ready to ship your ride to Sturgis for the rally, a forklift can load it into a trailer to have it ready when you get there. Best of all, these units are quite affordable, at just $2,795, not including shipping and taxes.

You can find these motorcycle garage storage choices online from many outlets. Hog Cabin even has their own website where you can see for yourself just how safe and convenient their products are.

It is a good idea if this product is not within your budget, to really shop around for the next best thing, comparing quality and price over several products and brands. If you are just looking for a basic tent like structure, you may even be able to find quality low cost models from your local retail outlets.

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