MVP50 Allstar Linear Opener blinks rapidly

by Suzanne
(Asheville, NC)

I have an Allstar MVP opener--about 3.5 years old. Yesterday I went to close it, and it started down and stopped abruptly and then opened up again. Now it will not do anything--with either keypad or remote. I cannot even get it to detach manually. Power is going to the unit, however. I looked at the back of the power head and the green LED was off, but the red one was blinking. I went to my manual, and here's what it said:

Fast Blink: Contact reverse
Short fast blink: Decode RF signal

Now--I have no idea whether this is a fast blink or a short fast blink, but beyond that, I have no idea what "contact reverse", or "decode RF signal" means. I looked at the whole manual, and then tried to search online, but have come up empty and confused. I really don't want to pay a lot of money to a repair person unless a part is required, but am at the end of my abilities here--can you help?

Since I have been disabled for more than 17 years I am not up to date on some things, such as this. But perhaps (hopefully) if I go ahead and post your question someone still active in the field will answer for us.

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Sep 13, 2016
Allstar MPV problems
by: Anonymous


My Allstor MVP garage door opener system started behaving strangely. Operation of both my remotes works fine. I can open and close the door without any problem. The problem is mainly with the wall "Super Station":
I can not close the garage door using the wall super station. None of the buttons on the wall super station have any effect.
I can open the garage door only pressing the "down arrow" button. The "up arrow" button does not have any effect.
I have experienced the closed door opening on its own, while nobody was using the remote or the wall super station.

As I mentioned the remotes work fine. I don’t understand why the wall unit acting to strange.

Thank you
Could be a problems with the electronics in the superstation wall unit.

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