Need to Clear Codes and Reprogram Remote

i have a delden x150 garage door and my opener is a linear.

The second remote was stolen and i would like to change the code, how do i do this?

The remote has a number dial, but i cannot find a way to change it on the opener.

Depending on how old yours is it may use dip-switch remotes or it may use the more recent rolling code remotes.

Look on the back side of the opener and see if you can find either a row of tiny switches or a learn button.

If you find switches then it uses dip-switch technology. You will have to pry the cover off your remote. Now change the dip-switch settings on the motor and set the remote with identical settings. They must match or the door will not operate.

If you find a "learn" button, it uses rolling code technology. Press and hold the button for 30 seconds. Then press and release the button on your remote. Don't wait too long as you only have a limited amount of time for this to work after you press and release the learn button, usually 30 seconds.

Hope this helps,

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