Over Garage Door Storage
Build Your Own System

If your day starts searching high and low for your shoes, it's about time to take stock of your possibilities for an over garage door storage system. If the house is already littered with magazines, clothes, toys, and tools, and there is no more space for additional storage, the garage is the 'last frontier' for you. That space above the garage door can be tapped for your old magazines or shoe rack or whatever you can stow in there.

A Little Space Means a Lot

That space above the garage door is not useless. If you are a DIY whiz, you can do a lot with that space to free up the overflowing storage shelves and floors indoors. Making a storage rack above the garage door is not difficult. With the right tool and materials, you can finish the over garage door storage during the weekend.

That space will solve a lot of problems for you and if you want to use the garage walls for more storage shelves, you free your home from tons of stuff that need to be put away safely. Garden tools that are not used everyday, skis, golf clubs, old magazines, and shoes can be safely stored in the garage without using up garage floor space. Walls and ceilings are perfect places for your garage storage.

The Procedure

For an over garage door storage metal rack you will need the following materials - pipe nipple, pipe elbows, pipe, floor flanges, and plywood.

  • Measure the space above the garage door. You can determine the size of your storage rack and the purpose of the rack. The space could be high enough for a stack of old magazines or a stack of wooden boards. Apart from the height, the storage area should be proportional to the door size but importantly it must be sized enough to store the items you want to place there.
  • Materials for the project should be ready. Apart from the rack materials, you will need screws, nails, hammer, and screwdriver. The pipe fittings should have a good fit. You should check these out when you purchase them.
  • Assemble pipe and fittings and make a ‘U' shape. The floor flange should be facing up on both ends. You will need a minimum of 2 of these assembled pipes and fittings; more if you plan to store longer items.
  • Fasten the assembled pipes through the floor flange unto the ceiling wall or ceiling at a joist or stud.
  • Place your plywood over the pipes and you have a ready storage space.

One more thing, be sure your storage assembly is securely fastened before you stack your magazines and never use drywall anchors.

Once done, you can paint your plywood and the pipes to give a nice look to your over garage door storage. Start stocking your old magazines, tarps, or whatever you want out of the house. Now, isn't it easy? Wouldn't you want to make your own? Once you start, you'll want more.

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