Overdrive Garage Door Opener

Overhead Door's Overdrive Garage Door Opener opens twice as fast, but closes at normal speed for safety. You can enter or exit your garage quicker eliminating annoying waits, getting out in bad weather, and wrenching your back.

  • Overdrive's super-duty 1/2 HP DC motor opens large sized doors easily.
  • OverDrive® is Overhead Door's quietest screw drive opener featuring a tough polymer rail liner which eliminates metal to metal contact.
  • Wide angle lighting makes getting around safer and easier. Two 60-watt bulbs provide optimal lighting where it's needed.
  • Operates smoothly and quietly in all weather, even at -25°F (-32°C).
  • Flush mount design makes this unit ideal for low clearance situations. Unit can be installed directly against the ceiling.

Overhead Door's Overdrive Garage Door Opener Standard Features

  • CodeDodger® Rolling Code TechnologyRolling Code technology prevents "code grabbers" stealing your code by generating a new code with each use.No need to set code with installation.Each new code is generated from 4.3 billion possible combinations.Opener will not respond to the same access code more than once. Recognizes access codes from up to seven remote controllers used to operate the same openers.
  • Safe-T-Beam® Diagnostic SystemAlerts you of improper installation or malfunctions.Door will be reversed automatically when objects pass through its infrared beam.Red and green LED indicators will send a self-diagnostic code to help you quickly identify problems and solutions.
  • Homelink® compatible

Overhead Door's Overdrive Garage Door Opener Optional Accessories

  • Multi-function Remote Controllers available in one two and three-button models to operate multiple Overhead Door® garage door openers.
  • Mini Remote Controller provides the same features as the three-function remote controller in a smaller size. Attach to key ring, fits in purse, pocket or glove compartment.
  • Available in 4 colors, the Digital Wireless Keypad offers entry when you don't have your key or remote. Operates up to three garage door openers.

Six-part Safety Package includes*:

  • Safe-T-Beam auto reversing system incorporating infrared beam and LED diagnostic lights
  • Contact reverse feature stops and reverses door within two seconds of contact
  • Timed reverse stops and reverses door if it fails to close in 30 seconds
  • Adjustable electronic force sensitivity control
  • Relay switch monitoring stops and reverses door if a control relay switch malfunctions
  • STB monitoring system stops and reverses door if Safe-T-Beam system malfunctions

*Source: http://www.overheaddoor.com/Product.aspx?pid=45

To program your DAC (Pre-1995) Overhead Door wireless keypad, and To program your Overhead Door Codedodger® wireless keypad, instructions have been compiled into one page at PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS - Page has moved or no longer exists.

Resetting your keypad
If, at any time, during programming, you should enter the wrong PIN or make a mistake, you should reset the keypad to its factory setting.

At this time, Overhead Door does not have an owners installation manual online. Use the Genie Excelerator manual for best results.

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