Overhead Door 4060L remotes not working

by Lily
(Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)

We have an Overhead brand 4060L garage door opener and today, all 3 of our remotes stopped working.

I checked to see if one of the kids locked the wall control and it wasn't locked.

I replaced batteries in the main remote and nothing.

I don't know what to do. I couldn't find help on the Overhead Door website. UGH!

I am assuming the wall control will both open and close the door just by pressing and releasing the button. In other words, the door operates normally when using the wall control.

Check the antenna on the back of the motor. Try repositioning it.

You can also try taking a short length of doorbell wire (or any small diameter wire) and wire-nut it to the existing antenna wire. Let it hang down.

Let us know if this works or you still have a problem.

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