overhead door legacy 696 cdb wont close properly

by brian

This is a sporadic problem but is happening at least 70% of the time.

When closing the door, it will stop on its own and go back up at random points.

When it stops and starts to go back up I can push the button and it will start to go back down. Sometimes it will go all the way down, sometimes it stops again and goes back up. If I fight with it long enough i can usually get it to go down all the way.

Both green and red sensor lights stay lit solid the entire time.

The door opens fine with the pad and wireless remote.

The door responds to the pad and wireless remote.

I can't get the door to close by holding the wired pad button down constantly.

I have the manual and followed troubleshooting steps for this symptom. I checked force adjustment and contact reverse. Contact reverse works fine. close force adjustment is set to max but i tested it through the entire range from min to max.

Spring looks fine, I don't see anything visually broken.

Any ideas?

Does your door close when you press and hold the wall control button until door is fully closed?

If so, go to Garage Door only Closes when I hold Down the Button on the Wall Control and Garage door opens but won't close

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