Overhead Door Legacy
Garage Door Opener

The Overhead Door Legacy Garage Door Opener takes a big step up from the standard chain drive system. This unit features a fully enclosed chain and permanently lubricated gear housing to reduce wear and noise. It is much quieter than the standard chain drive.

The Overhead Door Legacy Garage Door Opener combines a fully enclosed chain and permanently lubricated gear housing with an industrial strength chain and solid steel rail resulting in reliable, long lasting performance.

Overhead Door Legacy Features:

  • "CodeDodger®" Rolling Code Technology
  • "Safe-T-Beam®" Diagnostic System
  • "Homelink®" compatible

Overhead Door Legacy Optional Accessories:

  • Multi-function Remote ControllersOperate multiple garage door openers.One, two, and three-button models.
  • Mini Remote Controller
  • Same features as the three-function remote controller in a smaller size.
  • Key ring type to fit into pocket, purse or glove compartment.
  • Features "CodeDodger® Access Security."
  • Digital Wireless Keypad
  • Secure door entry without remote control or key
  • Use with up to three garage door openers.
  • Flip-up cover design
  • Available in 4 colors to match ...
  • Large, lighted keypad buttons.

CodeDodger® Access Security System

  • Stops illegal entry from remote controller access code duplication.
  • No need to set security code when opener is installed.
  • Each remote controller comes with its own continually changing access code.
  • Automatically changes access code each time remote controller is activated.
  • 4.3 billion possible code combinations.
  • Opener will not respond to the same access code more than once.
  • Recognizes access codes from up to seven remote controllers used to operate the same openers.

Self-Diagnostic Safe-T-Beam® System

  • Signals improper installation or malfunctions with its new self-diagnostic feature.
  • A closing door will reverse automatically when objects pass through its infrared beam.
  • Red and green LED indicators provide self-diagnostic code to help you quickly identify problems and solutions.

Safety Package:

  • Infrared photo-electric beam and LED diagnostic lights with auto reverse to open door when beam is interrupted.
  • Contact reverse stops and reverses door within two seconds of contact
  • Door reverses if it fails to close in 30 seconds
  • Electronic force sensitivity control - adjustable
  • Door reverses if a control relay switch malfunctions
  • Door stops and reverses if Safe-T-Beam system malfunctions

To program your DAC (Pre-1995) Overhead Door wireless keypad, and To program your Overhead Door Codedodger® wireless keypad, instructions have been compiled into one page at PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS - page has moved or no longer exists.

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