Overhead Door PowerMax XL Garage Door Opener


  • Screw Drive
  • ½ HP DC Motor
  • Rolling Code Technology
  • Safe-T-Beam System
  • HomeLink Compatible
  • Warranty: Lifetime motor, Lifetime parts
  • Excelerator Technology
  • Light System (2)
  • Quick Install Poster (for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast)

Accessories Included:

  • 3-Button Compact Remote, Docking Station, and Key ring (2)
  • 3-Button Remote with Flashlight and Visor Clip (1)
  • Wireless, Keyless Entry (1)
  • Wall Console with Motion Sensor (1)

To program your DAC (Pre-1995) Overhead Door wireless keypad, and To program your Overhead Door Codedodger® wireless keypad, instructions have been compiled into one page at PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS - Page has moved or no longer exists.

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