Overhead Door Python unit

by Tim
(Simpsonville, SC)

I recently purchased a universal garage door opener since my daughter has a car now.

I currently use the remote garage door opener built into my Honda Pilot and my wife has the original garage door opener that came with the unit.

Our garage door remotes have been working fine as well as the wired wall button.

Yesterday while trying to program the new universal unit I hit the training button and it appeared to sync the universal unit; when I click the universal unit the light flashes that says communication is happening however no movement of the door.

I then tried both my other remotes and none of them work now. In addition, when I push the wired button on the wall I have to hold the button down until the door is completely closed or else the door will stop and return to the upright position.

Can you offer any suggestions on where to start trouble shooting. Hitting the training button should not have changed any settings on the actual overhead door unit, right?


Hitting the training button should not cause any problems. Pressing and holding the training button for around 30 seconds would.

Now the question is will the door open using your remotes or pressing and releasing the wall control button? All 3 or just the wall control?

If they will open the door but not close it (unless you press and hold the wall control button) then go back to my questions page and look for something like "My Garage Door Opens But Will Not Close".

That has been asked and answered several times.

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