Overhead Garage Door Co
A Comprehensive Look

Overhead Garage Door Co offers quality resedential garage doors. Producing these doors for about 90 years, this company handles both sales and garage door installations for residential, commercial and industrial overhead doors.

You will find that there are several different style doors you can choose from that will match with the design of your home. The styles range from Amish inspired wood doors to traditional aluminum doors.

Depending on the building restrictions in your area and the theme of your home, there are a number of door types that can be installed in your home and they can be complimented with some unique accessories.

Commercial offerings are going to be a little more varied. While standard electric garage doors might work, Overhead Garage Door Co does have some options that will work for the business owner.

These options include security grilles that help to protect merchandise in locations where adding a door isn’t a possibility. These security screens are lowered and locked at night and can be raised without too much effort when the business is ready to open again.

Steel and fire rated doors will be important in warehouses. These are larger units that help to protect the items stored in these locations from theft, while reducing the risk of fire damage and that can result in some peace of mind for owners with the effective solutions that are offered.

If your area is plagued by hurricanes and strong winds, standard garage doors don’t tend to hold up well. Because of this, the Overhead Garage Door Co, does offer a selection of commercial and residential doors that can withstand wind, rain and sudden pressure changes.

In areas that are affected by these weather concerns, this can help you to keep your property safer and reduce the amount of damage that is experienced in the storms.

Should you decide to go this route to purchase a door, you will find that you do have quite a few options. The first option you have for communicating about these doors is to speak with one of the authorized retailers who handle these products.

They can be found here. These individuals will have knowledge of the full spectrum of products and should be able to help you determine which will best meet your needs and they can guide you through the steps to order a door that meets the size needs of your space.

Anyone looking to speak to the company directly can do so by calling them at 1-800-929-DOOR (3667). They also offer social media interaction through Twitter, Facebook or via an online contact form. The other choice will be through standard mail through the following address:

Overhead Door Corporation
2501 South State Highway 121
Bus. Suite 200
Lewisville, TX 75067

Founded by designer C. G. Johnson, the Overhead Garage Door Co. has remained one of the most respected companies in the garage door industry. Today, they have more than 450 authorized resellers that handle their products and continue to create new doors and accessories that continue to meet the needs of their customers.

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