Overhead Garage Door Opener Problems

by Sterling


I am having problems with my Overhead Door opener Model 496. Whether I press the switch in the garage or one of the remotes, the same thing happens; the door goes up about 4-6 inches and stops.

I press the button again and the door will go back down. However, if when I first press the button and keep the button pressed down, the door will continue to rise.

After about 5 feet, I can release the button and the door will continue to rise. The door has no problem coming down no matter which buttons I use and I do not have to hold the button down.

What can I do to ensure that the door rises after pushing the button and not having to hold it down?

Start by releasing the door from the opener. Pull the release lever, the one that is supposed to have a rope on it but it is often missing.

Open and close the door manually to see if anything is binding. Could be worn rollers, bent track or accumulation of something in the track creating an obstruction.

It should only take a few pounds of force to open the door. If it seems heavy the springs probably need adjusting.

And it could be as simple as your openers "open force" needs to be increased a quarter turn.

Do you have your manual? At least some of this and mainteance proceedures are in there.

If you do not have your manual, go to the http://www.garagedooropenerguide.com/genie-owners-manuals.html page to download a compatible manual.

Overhead Garage Door Openers are made by Genie so the manuals are the same.

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