Overhead Garage Storage
When the only way to go is up!

Garage storage has always been one of the biggest headaches of homeowners around the world. The sheer amount of clutter and spare parts lying about can be a daunting task to clean up, and the walls seem to begin to shrink as the mountain of clutter grows and grows. This is where overhead garage storage steps in to play its role.

What is overhead garage storage?

It is simply storing things above your head without having them fall down on your head. Snide answers aside, this involves hanging shelves and rafters from the ceiling. Hooks and similar attachments are securely attached to the ceiling, which in turn allow a rafter or a shelf to hang from these attachments.

Why should I install overhead garage storage units?

If a garage owner finds problems with storing his or her tools, then chances are the horizontal plane of the garage has already been filled to maximum capacity.

The horizontal plane here refers to anything you can see when you swivel your head left and right. Traditional wall cabinets, stand alone shelves, workbenches and other horizontally-aligned storage units sit on the floor or are attached to the walls.

Swivel your head up and down, on the other hand, and you may see a lot of vacant space for you to use. Store items on the vertical plane, allowing them to use the empty space from the ceiling down.

This makes them particularly useful for the garage owner who is stressed for space. Why force yourself to create space in an already cluttered area when you have a perfectly viable solutions sitting pretty above your head?

Are there any particular things I should know about overhead garage storage?

There are a few minor issues to handle though. The two primary issues here being installation and accessibility.

Like anything that requires firm attachment, these units require firm and strong attachments to handle the potential weight.

These units have specific instructions when it comes to installing them, so make sure to follow them down to the letter to make the attaching mechanisms strong and sturdy enough to withstand any amount of downward pressure.

Accessibility, on the other hand, is a natural problem for most units. Regular rafters and hanging shelves are well out of the reach of the common person, and they may require a ladder to reach.

Mechanized items, however, can use a pulley system to raise or lower the hanging components. This makes them a lot more accessible than their regular counterparts, as their mechanical components make reaching the items stored in them a whole lot easier.

Just remember that storage need not be limited to the floor space available to you. Using ceiling space significantly increases the amount of space at your disposal, so do not forget to factor it in the next time you notice your garage collecting an ever-increasing amount of clutter.

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