Overhead Python2 remote control issue

by Shane
(Fort Mill, SC)

I have a 2 car garage both are Python 2. I got brand new 3 button Genie remote control. Both units work correctly from the wall unit to open/close.

I got the remote control to connect to one opener successfully, hit learn button, press button on remote, stays lit red, press again, red led goes out and button works.

On the other unit, I press the learn button and it blinks red for 30 seconds...but will not respond to different button on remote which obviously works.

I have reset the unit by holding down learn key. I have erased working unit and turned off while trying to program the opener that does not work, still wont program.

By all accounts the opener works correctly, both photocells are lit up and work from wall unit, etc...

Is there a way I can reset or replace the radio transmitter on the unit? I about to take apart and inspect the board.


I suspect you have tried programming both remotes to this door without success. If not, try programming the same one that works with the first door. That will eliminate the possibility that it is a problem with the second remote.

Check the antenna wire to be sure it is fully extended.

If it still doesn't work, try exchanging control boards from the working unit to the other. That should tell you whether the problem is with the control board.

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