Portable Radiant Garage Heaters
What You Should Know

Portable radiant garage heaters are not like a traditional garage heater, in that traditional heaters heat the air of your garage while radiant heaters heat objects rather than the air, in much the same way the sun warms things. When standing near the heater you are toasty warm, but the further you get from the direct heat rays the colder you will become.

A Good Choice?

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Portable radiant garage heaters are not the best choice for everyone but for people who have a small work area and can remain close to the heat source while they work. In this kind of situation it may be ideal as it can be turned off when you are not in the garage working and when you turn it on you get immediate heat.

Portable radiant heaters are also good when you are doing a job that creates a lot of dust. Since radiant heaters do not blow the air around, they will not blow dust particles into the air where you can breath them or into your eyes.

Portable radiant heaters are not a good choice when you want to heat a large space, as they do not heat the air, except for that directly in the line of the elements. They cannot nor are they designed to heat large empty spaces. If you are planning on spending hours a day in your garage work room, then you are going to want to move around in comfort, not get chilled each time you get away from your heat source. In cases such as this a more traditional heater that heats the air of the garage makes more sense.

Portable radiant garage heaters should not be used in any garage where there will be children or pets running in and out of the garage as these heaters may pose a danger if you get too close to the heat.

What kinds of Radiant Heaters are there?

They come in a variety of heating sources. You can purchase them fueled by electricity, propane, natural gas and kerosene. Natural gas radiant heaters are the least expensive to use, but not every garage has access to natural gas. kerosene and electric heaters are both fairly expensive to run, while propane heaters are more expensive than natural gas, they are cheaper than electric or kerosene.

You can also get radiant heaters that are mounted overhead. These heaters come in various sizes. You can purchase an overhead heater big enough to warm all the people and the objects in any large building.

Portable radiant garage heaters make good sense if you are going to spend limited time in your garage in cold weather and want something to provide you with instant warmth. The fact that they are available in so many different heat sources makes them available to everyone regardless of where they live.

However, if you want to heat a large space or will be moving around and away from the radiant heaters heat source for long periods of time in very cold climates then a poortable radiant garage heater may not be right for you, a larger overhead unit may just do the trick.

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