Problems with remote

by Chowdary
(Mundelein, Il, USA)

All three garage door openers (with three different remotes) started malfunctioning the same day.

The remotes function only intermittently; one of them does not function on its own remote, but responds to other remotes.

The other two seem to respond to their remotes only intermittently. One of them has an outdoor keypad which is also functioning only intermittently.

The openers are bluemax screw drive, probably pre-1992 (no sensors on them).

Have you had an electrical storm around the same time they stopped working?

Problem with all 3 door openers! I have to recommend you get a professional to take a look at them to determine the exact cause.

These do not use rolling code technology (Intellicode), they use dip-switches to change programming codes.

My best guess would be that you had an electrical surge which could have burnt out control boards or relays; it has to be checked properly to find out.

Also check with your insurance company. Is lightning damage covered?

Hope this helps,

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