Programming a Clicker wireless keyless entry for Overhead Door system

by Tom
(Atlanta, GA)

I have an Overhead Door Python 2 garage door opener. Was trying to program for a Click wireless keyless entry.

Pushed the Learn Button and now the door won't open--even the garage opener on the wall won't open the door.

There is power because the red light flashes when trying to follow the programming instructions. Can you help me to get this working please?

Is the wall control also a wireless unit which has to be programmed?

The Clicker remote may not be compatible with your Overhead Door Python 2 garage door opener.

Even though the Clicker remote is supposed to be universal it is not for all brands and models.

Use Genie Intellicode products as they also make Overhead Door and parts are interchangeable and work with Codedodger units.

How long did you hold the learn button down? Too long and it erases all codes.

To program your remotes, press and release the learn button then within 30 seconds press the remote button.

Return your Clicker wireless keypad and get a Genie wireless keypad that is rated to work with Intellicode systems. Programming Instructions will be included.

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