Programming Python 2 Remote

My Python 2, opener was working fine. Then I tried to program my built in car remote.
Now the opener only moves towards close by 1 foot and then retreats 1 foot.
We have tried reprogramming the remotes several times. No luck. Whether it is the car remote, the remote that came with opener or the wall mount switch,..same results. Even holding down wall switch doesn't make any difference. Any suggestions ? Could we have screwed up something when we pushed the "learn" button?
Thx, any help would be so appreciated !

You don't say what system your car uses but the best way to proceed is to clear all codes from your garage door opener then reprogram each remote one at a time.

For your car you should visit the makers website and follow their directions for programming your in-car remote. They should have instructions for your exact make and model of car.

Instructions to clear the codes from your opener can be found in the owners manual. Last time I looked Overhead Door did not list owners manuals online. Since they are actually made by Genie, you can refer to a Genie manual such as the one at

Look on page 21 under "Lost or Stolen Remote" for instructions on clearing codes from memory. Everything you need to reprogram your handheld remotes should be on pages 20 and 21.

Best of luck

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