Propane Patio Heater

Be prepared to keep your guests warm with a propane patio heater. Fall patio parties can get cold in the evening.

Outdoor Leisure Propane Gas Light Patio Heater

For outdoor use only.

Provide your patio, balcony or deck with the perfect combination of ambiance, warmth, and style.

The Outdoor Leisure Propane Light & Patio Heater uses a 20-pound propane cylinder (sold separately) to project comfortable heat at a 160-degree radius from head to toe. The tank installs easily inside the sturdy base.

Use the convenient controls to adjust the heat to your liking. On one propane tank, the Light & Patio Heater will run for 21 hours when set on low and 12 hours on high.

The Light & Patio Heater also gives off a soothing gas light with a flickering yellow flame. Use the heater and the light simultaneously or independently. When using the light only, you can get up to 170 hours of use on one propane tank.

With its elegant, hammered bronze powder coat finish, the Light & Patio Heater is uniquely decorative to match any patio's or deck's style.

The easy-starting electronic ignition (batteries included) and integrated wheels allow you to move it around and operate it at your leisure.

It assembles easily in about 1 hour. Measures 82 x 18 x 18 inches and weighs 96 pounds.

1-year limited warranty. Hose and regulator included.

For outdoor use only.

Coleman ProCat Perfectemp Catalytic Propane Heater

Coleman 5053A751 ProCat Perfectemp Catalytic Propane Heater with Instastart Technology

The Coleman 5053A751 ProCat Portable Catalytic Propane Heater with Electronic Ignition can provide you with heat when everything else fails. Whether its a garage, shop, house, tent, or ice shanty this cordless heater is designed for indoor use and is ready to go whenever you might need some warmth.

Constructed with 3,000 BTU, the catalytic heater with platinum technology provides flameless heat from a pressure-regulated propane fuel system that produces a steady fuel stream, even in cold weather, high altitudes, or when fuel is low.

This portable heater features a fan, powered by two D batteries (not included), for better heat circulation. The Coleman ProCat operates for up to eight hours on 16.4-ounce Coleman propane cylinder.

Limited lifetime warranty

'Instant Comfort' 41,000 BTU Patio Heater

This Outdoor Stainless Steel Patio Heater is precisely what you need for outdoor patio parties.

When the temperatures drop, You don't need to head indoors! This is a large unit that stands 7 feet 4 inches.

Let it radiate warmth down onto your family and guests. Enjoy your outdoor patio almost all year around.

Includes Gas Regulator & Hose (CSA/UL Approved), and Two Recessed Deluxe Wheels for Mobility

Garden Sun Stainless Steel Patio Heater

Garden Sun JDS01-B Stainless Steel Patio Heater Propane Gas 41,000 BTU

This Garden Sun Classic Propane Heater is a great patio heater that will accent any deck for the cool evening on the porch with friends or family.

With 41,000 BTUs an hour this Patio heater with adjustable temperature settings allows perfect control for a brisk evening barbecue, early morning coffee, or any other outdoor activity.

Your guests are warmed with up to 41,000 BTUs an hour with an effective range of up to 15 feet.

The durable stainless steel burner, and premium construction, allow for quick and easy assembly.

Comes with a 100% shutoff in the unlikely event it should tip over.

Outdoor Leisure Propane Stainless Steel Tabletop Patio Heater

Stay warm while relaxing outside on chilly evenings, whether you're entertaining friends and family or just unwinding by yourself.

The Outdoor Leisure SPC-21PHTSA Propane Tabletop Patio Heater is perfect for all picnics, camping sites, patios, porches, tailgate parties and backyard BBQs.

On one 16.4-ounce (1 pound) propane cylinder (sold separately), it will heat a 4- to 7-foot circle for up to 2 hours when set on low and approximately 1.5 hours on high.

The tank installs easily inside the heater.

Use the convenient controls to adjust the heat output to your liking.

The Piezo electric ignitor, rust-free 22-inch-diameter aluminum reflector, and stainless steel burner and emitter screen combine to provide clean burning at a level of 10,000-15,000 BTUs. No electricity is required.

The Tabletop Patio Heater is compact and light enough to easily transport anywhere. The base is weighted to ensure it won't tip over.

Measures 36 inches in height and weighs 21 pounds. 1-year limited warranty. For outdoor use only. UL-tested and approved in the United States and Canada.

Coleman SportCat Perfectemp Catalytic Propane Heater

Whether you're staying in a cabin, tent, or under the stars, the Coleman 5035-700 SportCat Perfectemp Catalytic Propane Heater will enhance any camping adventure.

The 1,500 BTU output operates up to 14 hours from one 16.4 ounce propane cylinder (not included).

The Coleman heater features a portable integrated handle making it easy to carry, and the stable, detachable base provides a strong stand wherever you need it. With this heater, you'll enjoy the warmth you deserve during your camping expedition.

DIGITAL Flame King Propane Tank Emergency Shut-off Device and Gas Level Indicator.

Brand New!!! DIGITAL Flame King Propane Tank Emergency Shut-off Device and Gas Level Indicator. The only gas meter that does not get effected by outdoor temperature and is always accurate.

Digital meter, audible & multi colored led design, and easy to veiw indicator.

Easily connects between the tank and regulator - Flame King provides complete peace of mind to gas grill users.

Its low level gas indicator will never let you run out of gas while cooking.

It also has an emergency shut off feature, which stops the propane flow immediately in case of major leaks like hose burn, cut or fire...

Mr. Heater 42,000 BTU Propane Tank-Top Radiant Heater

The Mr. Heater MH42T 8,000-42,000 Btu triple heater is a step up from the two-burner model, giving you the flexibility of using one, two, or three burners.

The unit mounts directly to 20- to 100-pound cylinders.

It uses infra-red heat, which means that it warms the objects in front of it, not the surrounding air. This gives you more heat per Btu, which means that using all three burners at the highest of the three settings will keep you warm even in miserably cold situations.

Each element shuts off automatically with loss of flame.

Do not use in unventilated areas.

One-year limited warranty.--Josh Dettweiler

Outdoor Leisure Propane Bistro Table Patio Heater

For outdoor use only.

Stay warm and decorate your patio and deck with the Outdoor Leisure TD101/TD101A Bistro Tabletop Patio Heater.

Uniquely styled in simulated cocoa brown granite with an elegant hammered bronze powder coat finish, the Bistro Tabletop Patio Heater radiates 360 degrees of comfortable heat to make it the ultimate gathering spot for your outdoor parties and barbecues. Use it year-round.

A 20-pound propane cylinder (sold separately) inserts easily into the sturdy base. One cylinder will provide 45 hours of heat when set on low and 26 hours on high.

The easy-starting electronic ignition (batteries included) and integrated wheels allow you to move it around and operate it at your leisure. It assembles easily in about 1 hour.

Measures 43.5 x 30.5 x 30.5 inches and weighs 73 pounds. 1-year limited warranty. Hose and regulator included.

For outdoor use only.

Mr. Heater 40,000 BTU Propane Stainless Steel Patio Heater

The MH40PH is a 40,000 BTU propane fired patio heater. This free-standing unit stands 7' tall and radiates heat 360 degrees.

It has a quality stainless steel finish and energy efficient design. It comes equipped with an adjustable-height table and innovative wheel design that makes moving this heater quite simple.

Pilot system is insect proof and features a wind-resistant pilot light and tip over switch.

A twenty pound propane cylinder hides away in the base of the heater and will power the heater for up to 10.8 hours on the high setting.

This CSA certified patio heater comes with a one year residential warranty and a 90 day commercial warranty.

Schaefer Zubri Portable Heater, Case and Cover

Portable Propane Patio Heater - Charcoal Grey - 40k BTU

Schaefer Ventilation portable outdoor Zubri patio heaters are one of the best outdoor heating solutions available for restaurants, even planners, party organizers, resort owners and homeowners.

The Zubri outdoor propane patio heaters from Schaefer Ventilation offer a cozy 40,000 BTUs of warmth (depending on conditions).

Perfect for temporary occasions such as picnics, wedding receptions, outdoor patio parties or other evening gatherings.

Lightweight and Portable

No tools necessary to assemble

Endless Summer Patio Heater Cover For Model 153100

Protect your Residential Patio Heater with this durable heater cover!

The UniFlame Endless Summer Residential Patio heater cover is fitted for all single dome patio heaters and has a zipper for a perfect fit.

Don't let bugs, spiders and other critters in your patio heater! Keep your patio heater clean and protected from dust, dirt, mildew and spider webs.

Keep it covered in the summer and put it away in the winter!

Steel Firepit

Gather around this handsome Steel Firepit for warm, good times and SAVE BIG! Bring the warmth and ambience of a crackling fire to your patio or backyard with this great-looking, long-lasting Firepit!

Roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, chatting with friends or just sitting quietly appreciating the flames... it's a great time, all the time.

With our savings price here you can get a lot of wood and some food!

One hot deal: Steel bowl with durable, weather-resistant, high-temperature black powdercoat finish.

Sits stable on decorative scroll legs. Matching spark guard and steel mesh cover allows warmth through while containing fire and sparks.

Comes with protective vinyl outdoor cover. Approx. 26" diam., 17"h. Weighs 14 lbs.

Easy assembly. A blazing bargain on outdoors enjoyment... get yours quick!

Protective Screen - Imitation Logs - Propane Tank is Hidden Inside the Table

BernzOmatic PH3250S Patio Heater, Stainless Steel

BernzOmatic Stainless Steel Patio Heater

Heating Perfomance: Breatkthrough Heat Technology that Warms Your Body Head To Toe¿, Heats an extended 400 sq. foot area, Radiates heat from center cylinder, Efficient 40,000 BTU output, Up to 10 hour continuous run time, Adjustable heat settings.

Safety Features: Oxygen Depletion Sensor extinguishing pilot and flame before oxygen falls to un-safe levels, 100% Gas Shut-off if flame extinguishes, 30° Tilt Switch shuts unit off if tilted, Protective screen prevents contact with heat cylinder.

Set-Up & Use: 2 Step set-up, no tools required, Quick start push button electronic ignitor, Wheels for easy moving, Disassembles in minutes for easy storage.

Additional Features: Comes fully assembled, 1 year warranty, High density thermoplastic base provides stability and durability, Uses a standard 20 lb propane cylinder (not included), Safe for all outdoor surfaces, including wood.

Cool Heat Patio Palm Heater

The patio palm will keep you warm in winter or cool with its misting system on long hot summer days.

Wind proof 40,000 BTU Burner, Powder-coat/baked on finish for long lasting beauty, Rigid Construction with Internal Frame, Real Copper Plated leaves (will patina green overtime), Electric Ignition, UL certified components, GSA certified stainless steel & brass components.

Dome has a 33 inch diameter, Base plate is 32 inch - bottom of trunk is 15 inch, Height 100 inch, Weighs 120 lbs. Easy Assembly and Made In USA. Connect to standard, 20 lb. Propane tank.

DCS Propane To Natural Gas Patio Heater Conversion Kit For DCSPH-1

This DCS Patio Heater Conversion Kit is suggested to be used with DCS Patio Heater model DCSPH-1 to convert from Propane Gas to be used with Natural Gas.

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